It’s Not Just Your Career. It’s Your Life.

I help Microsoft Dynamics consultants build their dream careers and lives they love.


It’s Not Just Your Career. It’s Your Life.

I help Microsoft Dynamics consultants build their dream careers and lives they love.


Turning from a work lifestyle that’s not working for you, to ones that light you up, can be challenging

  • Do you feel out of balance in your work life, you know something must change but are unsure what to do?
  • Is the way you're working aligned with your lifestyle and career goals?
  • Are you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your time and earning power?
  • Can you imagine the possibilities that you could create for yourself and your family if you had clarity?

Hi, I’m Jennifer

I’m a 20 year IT professional and software consultant turned Career Coach for software consultants 

During my time working for Microsoft’s top partners,, HSO and BKD, the favorite part of my role was helping others tap into their unique self to flourish and powerfully serve others. However, I was only able to help a limited number of people.

That’s why I left consulting and started my business.

I’m here to equip and empower you with all the strategies, skills, tools, connections, and confidence to bring your dream career as an IT consultant to life.

Simply put, I help new, and high-performing consultants deliver high-quality service to the clients, internal team, and themselves.


Ready to take charge of your career, time and earning potential?

This is what I teach my clients to do in my signature coaching programs.

The consultants I work with are tired of trying to figure out how to grow their careers and thrive in this illustrious industry on their own. They are ready for personalized support from someone who gets the industry, cares about them, and shows them not just how to excel in their job but create a career that delivers ongoing opportunities, flexibility and financial rewards.

You don’t have to settle for anything less than your potential. You want work-life your way, exactly as you define it!

Sounds like you?


What others are saying

“I met Jennifer when she was an implementation consultant, and I was a financial controller.  My employer was implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Right away Jennifer made an impact on our implementation and on my approach as the finance lead. Immediately I wanted to copy her technique and style to the implementation.  I was so influenced by her; I completely changed the course of my career and now I am an implementation consultant too. I wanted to be Jennifer!  I can only hope I impact my customers as she has impacted me.”

Natalie Pueschner
Snr. Consultant | Stoneridge Software

“I gained expertise and confidence while working with Jennifer. She is thoughtful in her approach, candid in her communication, and patient in her teaching approach.  She is calm, even under great pressure!  She takes time to see people. ”

Karen Bodach
Director | BKD Technologies

“Working with Jennifer has pushed me to become more confident and take on additional responsibilities. Thanks to Jennifer I was able to secure my first "Lead" role on a project, and day by day I learn and become better at it.”

Amanda Cunningham
Snr. Implementation Consultant | Anthology

“With Jennifer I have gained an appreciation for patience, slowing down, having multiple streams of income and overall confidence in my abilities.”

Margarita Pantoja-Barnes
Lead Giving Success Coach | Givelify

Let’s create a clear direction to the career and life you deserve.

1. Schedule a free consult

Let’s chat about the type of role you’re looking for and how I can help you find it. I know how important your career is to you, so on our call you won’t get a pushy sales pitch. Instead, you’ll get a conversation that allows you to explore what you ultimately want and if we’re right for each other, we’ll figure out the next steps.

2. Activate your career plan

I will help you identify and overcome the challenges that are prohibiting you from what you want to achieve. Through personalized coaching, training, and community, you’ll get everything you need to fast-track your success.

3. Live connected with your purpose

Discover how to monetize your analytical and relationship skills to create a dream career and life that allows you to achieve what matters most to you.


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