My mission is to empower software consultants

to use their analytical and relationship skills to transform their careers and the IT industry


My mission is to empower women

to use their analytical and relationship skills to transform their careers and the IT industry


Here’s what I know about you

You’re smart, capable, analytical – on top of that, you’re relational.

You're a problem solver with business experience and common sense, you're personable AND know how to get people to work together.

Your company needs you, not just your time, but all of you. You want to give your best at work, and also in other areas of your life, but you're not sure how.

You have a good idea of the key areas you need to work on, but you don’t know the steps to take…YET.

This is where I come in.

Hi, I’m Jennifer

I’ve been a successful IT professional and software consultant for over 20 years.

Throughout this time, I have been able to build a career that delivered great income, unlimited opportunities to make a difference, alongside an integrated work/life.

I was continually asked what it would take to replicate myself. After reflecting on what was unique about me and what drove my success, I discovered:

  • While my technical and analytical skills helped, it was my relationship skills that were the cornerstone.
  • I recognized the tech industry desperately needs people who successfully make connections and build relationships at work, especially while leading change. Digital transformation needs people who have competence, compassion and insight to see beyond the obvious.

And this is where you come in.

I resigned from my job and started my coaching business, so I could focus on my mission:

  • To equip and empower talented, ambitious, tech-friendly, and relational consultants like you, to take charge of your career and LIFE.

Work with me, and I’ll help you achieve a wholesome career by living intentionally within software consulting. I’ll help you:

  • Use the financial, time, freedom, and creative skills you already have
  • Avoid wasting time and money trying to fall in love with the wrong role.
  • Create a career and life that energizes you and uses your unique talent sets
  • Enhance your technical and relational competence and savvy
  • Increase the value of your contribution so and get paid what you’re worth

The software industry is desperate for people like YOU who are problem solvers with business sense and people skills, so we need you feeling fulfilled and empowered doing so.

Will you help yourself and your company?

Fun facts about me

  • Led the tech team that brought the first Microsoft enterprise software to Jamaica.
  • Seldom plays video games but likes playing board games!
  • Born and raised in Jamaica with its all-year-round summer, migrated directly to the Midwest where I am having a blast with 4 seasons!
  • Completed 4 half-marathons.
  • Enjoys reading and playing badminton. Usually at different times!

Next steps

Ready to do work-life your way?

Let’s get started.

1. Schedule a free consult

Let’s chat about the type of role you’re in and what's working and not working for you. I know how important your career is to you, so on our call you won’t get a pushy sales pitch. Instead, you’ll get a conversation that allows you to explore what you ultimately want and if we’re right for each other, we’ll map out the next steps.

2. Activate your career & life plan

As you identify your challenges that stand between what you want to achieve, I will walk with you to overcome those challenges. Through personalized coaching, training and community, you’ll get everything you need to fast-track your success.

3. Live connected with your purpose

Discover how to incorporate life-giving strategies to create a dream career and life that allows you to achieve what matters most to you.


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