How women can transform lives as software consultants

Mar 16, 2022
Become a high-end software consultant

What if you could, with one solution:

  • Add joy to the work lives of your software consultants and clients,
  • Add more people-savvy, problem-solving talent to the industry, and
  • Increase the earning power and career flexibility to suitable professional women?

 Having worked for 20 years as a fulltime consultant, I’ve reaped the benefits of this profession. In that time:

  •  I was employed to two (2) organizations, but as an embedded consultant, I was exposed to countless business organizations and cultures. My mind and skills were constantly refreshed, without the hassle of changing jobs.
  • For years I set my own work schedule and worked from home when I wasn’t onsite with a client – and this was pre-COVID. Can you spell “F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E”?
  • The compensation was good. Seriously! I don't like to talk money, but it was great!

 I loved my career and wowed my clients! My clients’ responses were incredible: 

  • Waiting many months to start their software implementation, waiting for me to become available.
  • Booking hotel close to my home to consult when I chose not to travel – and this was pre-COVID.
  • Asking their preferred organization to employ me, so that they could work with that organization AND benefit from my expertise.
  • Happily, paid for my time, as our separate organizations grew.

 At the same time, I found myself coaching and mentoring clients and colleagues. This resulted in people who: 

  • became new or better consultants who commanded leading positions.
  • imitated my work style and got the results THEY WANTED at work and in their lives.
  • were encouraged to value their inherent gifts, bring it forward and improve their lives and those around them.
  • were timid, doubtful of the possibilities of their abilities, almost gave up but found their voice, made tough decisions that were right decisions for them and became gentle giants. Some even identified, acknowledged, then owned a new career path.

 What I observed and understood was: 

  • Clients and colleagues wanted to do or experience more life-giving change, not only what was on their digital device, but in their lives!
  • I’ve identified a kind of consultants who were good at wrangling, empowering, and getting people to accomplish more than they imagined. We don't have enough of them in the industry.

 At the same time, throughout the enterprise software industry:

  • IT leaders were struggling with failing implementations.
  • Many clients were still unhappy, underwhelmed by digital transformation experience.
  • As the demand for competent talent increases, top-notch consultants are pulled and stretched to breaking point.
  • Transformation requires finesse, knowledge, insight, courage, a big heart - and many consultants struggled bringing out these qualities.
  • On the surface the problems appear simple, yet sustainable solution has baffled many dedicated, passionate leaders! Angst and frustration persist.

  What if we were to convert those women with people-savvy talents, business knowledge and tech-enabled skills who are in jobs that don't capitalize on all those skills, and pivot them as software consultants?

 We would get more of these change agents in the industry, increase our talent pool and create a critical mass of transformational-minded consultants ready to serve others!

 It’s for this reason I decided to start my own business 

 The Jennifer Starns Group invites people-centric, problem-solving business professional women with life experience to enter the enterprise software market.

  • With mentoring and coaching, builds upon their life skills, practical experience, and knowledge to create a fulfilling career as a leader in software consulting.
  • The company also helps develop current talent pool of consultants to navigate and integrate work-life to promote longevity and fulfilling career as change agents.
  • Promote the software consulting profession as a lucrative and prestigious career to pursue!

 Come visit me at to learn more about how I can serve you as an individual or as a company, to transform YOUR life!