Working as a software consultant - a simple example

Apr 05, 2022
Example of how a software consultant works

Have you ever viewed a website on your desktop computer, then switch to using your mobile phone, but the site looked different, and you can't find what you were looking at?

How a website looks depends on whether you're using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, like a phone.

Take my company's website for example, if you click the web address using a mobile phone, it looks like this:


However, if you open the same address, while on a desktop or laptop, you'll see this:


 Do you notice the difference?

Mobile phones have smaller area, so it's designed differently to fit the same information. So, if you're using a big computer screen, use the menu (buttons, tabs) shown as "Home", "About", "Service", etc.  to see everything.

However, if you're using a mobile device, to see everything, click the hamburger button.

Yes, "hamburger", notice the two buns with patty : .


Another difference to note on websites,  some sites no longer have "Home" to get you to the first or main page. To get to the main page, click on the company's logo! Try it out using my website:

  1. Go to a new page, then click the Company logo (that's the image that says "Jennifer Starns Group").
  2.  Go to another page, then click on Home Page
  3. Notice Company Logo and Home takes you to the same place.

With this post I am illustrating a simple example of how software consultants work, we help people experience technology in a way that makes sense to them and improve their lives. 

How would you like to do this, helping businesspeople? They need people like you who empathizes with their challenges, identify what they need, and motivated to meet  that need.

  1. Check out my website, to learn how you could pivot and build a career and life you love, then
  2. Book a call with me!