Could the confidence you're projecting cost you your life?

Jun 09, 2022

Recently I was at the pool. My son laughed and hooted as he jumped into the pool. He jumped in, and crawled out,  again and again.

I noticed a little girl nearby; she wasn't wearing a life vest or floating device but was gliding around in a tube.

She looked very young, (I learned later that she was 3), as I scanned her immediate surrounding, I didn't see an adult. I was impressed. So young and knew how to swim already! Eventually, she saw us and decided to join the fun. She climbed up beside us, tossed the tube, and jumped in. The lifeguard dove in and grabbed her. She couldn't swim!

I thought of the women who start one career, at first it was fun, but for several reasons, it no longer works for them. You might have tried another job, and another, but it doesn't provide the JOY you hoped for, or life just happens! You might feel like you're drowning. With a mentor and coach, you could transition to a career in a sensible and methodical way that gets you what you want, without the drama!

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This little girl learnt the pool can be dangerous, however her parent promised to teach her to swim, after that, I pray her heart remains courageous to jump in again.