How YOU can become a high-earning rock star software consultant

Feb 17, 2022
Jennifer Starns | Where to learn how to become a software consultant

Are you living a joyful life? 

I'm living a richly blessed life! Due mainly to people who've given me much of themselves. 

Take my Haitian friend and his wife; though we meet infrequently - when we do, it's always a joyous experience. As a Jamaican, laughter is a staple in my diet. On one occasion, my friend joked - a barber hoisted a sign outside his shop, it read " Haircuts for $10!", across the street another barber opened his shop and posted his sign "We Repair $10 haircut!". 

 I am like the second barber, not to provide haircuts, but to inspire, shore up and build up the people working at the highest levels of software consulting, as well as those who are should be working at that level, but aren't. 

  As a software consultant, working across multiple organizations exposed me to the richness of the human spirit. I've met people who were brilliant, but oblivious to their brilliance. People who could ROCK the software consulting world, but didn't know that, and even if they did, didn't know where to begin. At the same time, I was tasked to locate and hire people to fill software consulting positions; but couldn't find enough people. I wondered when "someone" could see the value and opportunity in this dilemma and do something about it. Apparently that someone was in my mirror. 

  My company provides mentoring and coaching to professional women who are working outside of tech. These women don't need to be highly technical, but have business experience, good problem solvers, and are personable. With targeted education and appropriate career counseling, they are equipped to quickly take on LEAD positions as software consultants. 

They learn to avoid the pitfalls I fell in and grasp the many opportunities and advantages that benefited me. They learn to build an integrated work-life and avoid getting out of whack, as could happen in this field. You know someone who could benefit from that, right? 

I serve individuals through several service offerings via Mentoring, Coaching, and Webinars.  Piqued your interest? Check us out at, on how we'll help to make those repairs!