Your Talent Development Partner

for software consultants


Your Talent Development Partner

for software consultants


Does this sound like you?

You have a growing pipeline of clients and projects, earning you solid reputation and goodwill, you have the right product, tools and methodologies. But securing a consistent pool of high performing software consultants can seem overwhelming.

Especially when you start losing some of your best talent and are fast becoming the focus of your organization's challenges.

You spend hours every day:

  •  Redirecting your IT consultants on how to engage clients and keep projects from failing.
  •  Strategizing with recruiters on how to get additional talent AND retain the ones you have.
  • Meeting with clients to explain slipping project timelines and defend budget overruns, and consultants' missteps.
  • You invest time and money in employee engagements with very little to show for it.

You've tried EVERYTHING like team building activities, staff training and even providing financial incentives,

but you still feel powerless.

You and I both know, it's beyond frustrating.

The thing is... it doesn't have to be this way.

You can have a pool of well-equipped software consulting talent with the right balance of business acumen and people savvy.



I’ll help you develop the high potentials in your organization and grow your talent pool using:

Talent Assessments

Group or Individual Coaching/Mentoring

Customized Workshops


As a top-notch software consultant turned talent development specialist, I am the secret weapon in your back pocket as someone who:

identifies high potentials, develops the right talent with a diverse perspective who gets your projects to a satisfying conclusion, while growing your talent pool. 

You will benefit from having a consulting team that:

  • Asks the right questions and knows how to listen.
  • Knows how to align the software technology with the business priorities to create a solution that will absolutely work and make you, as the IT leader, the hero of having this kind of talent.
  • Brings their unique talent, while developing their business acumen and people savvy, that converts.

Bring me in and I'll customize a workshop for you.

What you'll get from me

Customized assessment profile of your talent pool.

Personalized solution that will dramatically grow your team's effectiveness and abilities. Skills and tools developed specifically for software consultants, from years of experience and observance of what works and what doesn’t for people who are change agents for others.

Tailored Workshop, Group or Individual Mentoring and Coaching for your team.

Outside perspective and years of experience shared with you, your team, and clients


The results you'll create

  • Clients who love to talk about the great service you provide, and how your team has rocked their world.
  • Happy clients earning ROI from their capital investments within the agreed-upon timeline.
  • IT consultants who know how to hold their power and provide transformational service that wows your client.
  • Competent and compassionate software consultants who love what they do, and who they work with.
  • You'll be the hero to your team and clients, AND have time to focus on other areas of the business and LIFE!

What others are saying

“Jennifer is a problem solver. She gets the job done. Her approach in achieving objectives meant that we were able to work through the usual (and unusual) problems associated with a new implementation, and ultimately succeed. Having worked with her, I learnt/confirmed that there was a kind of person I worked well with, and it helped to define my blueprint for future hirings/promotions - very smart, organized, focused on the objective, empathy and patience for the people who will get you there. People in general liked Jennifer - not something we say often about the IT people. ”

Karan Delapenha (Ret.)
Former General Manager-Finance & Administration | Lascelles Limited

“Jennifer has a rare combination of firm but friendly persona. She is able to deliver those tough messages when needed but in a non-confrontational way. Her people skills as well as problem solving are above and beyond that of many other consultants I've encountered. She personally challenged me to attempt to be a better listener, slow to speak, say more with less words. And of course, she has taught me a great deal of product knowledge over the years! People over product, heart over to do lists, teamwork, work ethics. She has influenced me in all these areas. ”

Kay Dittlinger
Director of Customer Care Americas | HSO

“Adapting some of Jennifer's implementation and communication practices has given me the confidence to progress and present my ideas and solutions in a manner that get the most effective results.”

Tracy-Ann Little
Senior Solutions Architect – Group Manager | HSO

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