Personalized Mentoring & Coaching

to Accelerate your Success in the Tech Industry


Personalized Mentoring & Coaching

to Accelerate your Success in the Tech Industry


Land Your Dream Job

Grow Your Income

Take Charge of Your Career

Are you ready to take your place as a sought-after software consultant?

No more wasting money and time on certifications and generic advice that leave you stuck and spinning!

Let me show you all the strategies, skills and tools that made me a sought-after software consultant. The reason why I was in such high demand is not a secret. It’s just not well understood. But when I give my best practices to you, you’ll create a unique competitive advantage that will allow you to land your dream job and grow your success with ease and confidence.


Your success solution

Here’s how my program works:

Step 1

Career & Skills Analysis

I’ll assess your past and current skills, lifestyle priorities and success mindset to help you clarify and own your definition of success.

Step 2

Goal Setting & Action Planning

We’ll uncover your specific career goals and learning priorities so that you can craft a comprehensive success plan that helps you land the job you want, negotiate the salary you deserve AND succeed once you get there.

Step 3

Follow Up Coaching & Development

Through a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, on-call access, membership community and virtual training, I’ll be there at your side as you implement your career plan. You’ll always have an empathetic guide to answer your concerns, questions, and challenges.

Step by Step Coaching

On-Call Access

Expert Training


Work with me and I’ll help you reap the rewards that come with success as a software consultant:

  • Be the driver’s seat of your career
  • Land your dream job faster
  • Dramatically grow your compensation and earning potential
  • Increase your career options and opportunities
  • Set a career trajectory that leads to promotions
  • Do work that is interesting and makes a difference


But here’s the real value you’ll get:

You have mad people AND business skills that the tech industry desperately needs! I will make sure that you are seen and paid for what you’re worth


What others are saying

“Jennifer was such an integral part of my growth!  She appropriately challenged me.   She spent time teaching and provided growth opportunities.   When working together I learned Axapta/AX.  I passed the financial certification exams.  I was able to go from knowing very little, to being able to be a lead Financial consultant on a project.”

Karen Bodach
Director | BKD Technologies

“My confidence greatly increased from working with Jennifer. Also, my perspective of getting out of my comfort zone shifted, as before I may have shied away from certain things I was not 100% comfortable with but now I am a lot more eager to take on challenges because I have proven I can overcome them.”

Amanda Cunningham
Snr.  Implementation Consultant | Anthology

“As a mentor, Jennifer provided a sounding board that helped me stay grounded and reminded me the importance of prioritization and boundaries.”

Amanda Manning
Lead Functional Consultant | HSO

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Ready? Take a deep breath! Get going!


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